Random thoughts

I like to be idle.It is a great way to spend time,  kill time (too violent, I may need Time to be my friend ). As a child, I never understood this when people used to say I do not have time.I wondered if I have so much time, how is it that they do not have any.
I still keep wondering about this.
In fact, there are some wisemen who advise how to manage time , as if it could be managed at all. Great men have tried and all have failed.

Now into my second childhood, I have it in the plenty.No body seems to appreciate it though. The moment I start idling my wife recalls an errand I was supposed to have done yesterday or a day before or a week before, I do not recall which.

Now that the need to earn is no longer there, “Happy Days are here again” reminding me of my long missing friend Mallyaji, what a Genius and greatest one to glorify, the biggest one in history, Idleness.

Some saints have also renamed this virtue as Meditation, my humble salute to them.

Om Shanti Om




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